Our Story Continued...

20+ years later....

Larry and Jerry convinced each other that the "gas and match" idea would probably land them both in jail so they stuck it out. Day after day, month after month, making major business decisions such as giving the resturant the ax and converting it into what is now known as The Lodge, the largest of the rooms they now rent out. New gravel roads were put in. New water lines were replaced as the old ones burst each winter. A whole new water supply system was installed to supply the whole park with fresh well water. The General Store was remodeled and upgraded... These are just a few of the examples of the upgrades that took place and still do after 20+ years. Month after month the boys spend almost every dollar as it comes in to keep the park the absolute BEST resort on Lake Fork!       Almost all of our advertising comes from word of mouth and the simple reputation of having the best resort of Lake Fork. We can honestly say that Hideaway Harbor is your "Home Away From Home!"

Hideaway Harbor

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