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Hideaway Harbor


More than 20 years ago brothers Larry and Jerry Martin went looking for a place to retire.... 

.... little did they know they would soon end up buying a realitively unknown place on Lake Fork called Hideaway Harbor! It came with 6 motel rooms, 2 larger lodgings, a general store, tent sites, RV pull-thru's, a full service seated resturant! All of this came with 2 maids, and resturant employees to boot! After about 12 minutes the boys were ready to give this place a 55 gallon drum of gas and a match.... continued on About Us....

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“I have camped here for several years as well as all over the United States and you cannot find better folks than these owners.There is a large group of us who camp here each year and it is always one of the high lights of the year for my wife and I.” - Eugene H.

General Store >>


Our store offers a variety of items for your Lake Fork visit such as, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Groceries, Ice, Cold Drinks and Snacks, T-Shirts and Caps, Bait and Tackle, and Live Bait (when available).

*NEW* Drone Video Footage of the park. >> Click the video and then click full screen. >>
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