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Pit and Trailer Specifications

*NEW* Porch Trailer Model

Also called a Stand-Alone Pit. This NEW pit from Jambopits comes standard with the famous Jambopits Boiler Door and a Chrome Stack. This pit only comes in black. This pit has a 28 inch chamber and is 104 inches in length. It weighs in at 1,100 pounds. The cooking chamber is the same as the J3/J5 models. 


Standard Pit Features: Upgrades available on most models.


Cooking chambers are 5’4” x 26”, fabricated from rolled 7 gauge carbon steel. 

We never use manufactured pipe.

Insulated firebox – 7 gauge exterior and ¼” carbon steel.

¼” steel firebox door.

Heavy duty grates.

Stainless steel hinges, handles and work surfaces.

Ashcraft adjustable temperature gauge.

Chrome stack.

Sherwin Williams 1500 degree coating on firebox and cooking chamber.


Trailer features:


Torque flex axle.

2” x 4” x 11 gauge rectangle tube frame.

2” Bulldog hitch.

Bulldog gear driven trailer jack.

Safety chains.

Custom paint.

Chrome wheels and outlined white letter tires.

Polished stainless steel trim.

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